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School of Medicine




Teaching excellence

(I)            Our school is well-funded and has a variety of courses; Our faculty is dedicated and enthusiastic, and we value the combination of research and education in basic and clinical medicine. We also have a diverse bank of case examples and excellent learning environments.

(II)           We invite lecturers with excellence in basic medicine, general education and clinical physicians as class instructors, and have also invited another hundred role model physicians as the family instructors for our students. These role model physicians are entrusted with the responsibility to pass on the model medical professionalism; our students will receive tutelage from these model physicians from their admission to graduation, ensuring that the model academic and lifestyle attitudes of our medical students may be passed on from generation to generation.

Progressive & Effective Learning

(III)         The curriculum for the 1st and 2nd year students are mainly general education and medical humanities. Our goal is for our students to become a good social citizens first, by developing the following core capacities: ability to respect and admire others; well-trained in language reading, understanding and expression; democratic awareness and an ability in debating; coordination, communication and team work; independent thinking and responsibility; self-reflection and social care; and life-long learning.

(IV)         For the 3rd and 4th year students, the basic medicine curriculum with a focus on problem-based learning, adds clinical problems to the courses and integrates curriculum from the fields of basic and clinical medicine. We emphasize active self-learning and well-rounded understanding of basic medicine concepts.

(V)           For the 5th, 6th and 7th year, students will receive full-on clinical medicine curriculum and internship. Aside from offering the latest and most complete curriculum, beginning in the 5th year our students will have access to the abundant teaching resources and medical care of the Chang Gung hospital, gaining valuable human-centered clinical experience through practice patient care and team-based learning. At the same time, we conduct medical education reforms and focus on international collaboration, placing an emphasis on courses in medical research, humanities, patient-doctor relationship, medical ethics, evidence-based medicine and medical care quality, stimulating the desire for learning and development in our students and cultivating their ability for patient-centered team work, life-long learning and problem solving.

On the shoulder of giants

(VI)         Our faculty is devoted to the integration of basic and clinical medicine education and research, and is backed up by our world-class Chang Gung healthcare system as the core of our clinical internship, supplemented with abundant resources in domestic medical research. The Chang Gung healthcare system is well-known internationally for its contribution to research in domestic cancer medicine (e.g. oral, nasopharyngeal and liver cancer), chronic kidney diseases, organ and umbilical blood transplants, plastic re-construction medicine, Kawasaki syndrome and drug allergies. Standing on the shoulders of giants – our instructors at Chang Gung, our students will achieve greater heights than before!